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Our Surrogacy Journey - he's here!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

We here at Calon Law pride ourselves in our experience with surrogacy, as our Directors Charlene and Stephen have themselves been on a surrogacy journey. So last we left off was in December with the announcement of the impending birth of our first child with the help of our friend and surrogate Katie.

Well, we are thrilled and overwhelmed to announce the birth of our baby boy!

It was a typical day for Charlene and I, with another 2 weeks to go until our planned C-Section we were not expecting any activity. Charlene then had a call from Katie to say she had gone into labour and we'd better get moving, the baby was on its way! We quickly drove to the hospital and I dropped Charlene off at the maternity entrance so Stephen could go park the car. Typically the car park was full so finding a space proved, stressful. After a quick run with 2 coats and 2 bags we were all ready.

Katie elected for a C-Section which we were completely in agreement with. The birth itself went very smoothly and soon he was here! We were suddenly parents, and completely overwhelmed with this little bundle now totally dependant on us. We couldn't fault the midwives at UHW Cardiff, they were helpful, kind and never made a big deal of the fact this was a surrogacy pregnancy. Unfortunately we out later that Katie had to challenge the theatre staff as they didn't want us as parents to be in the theatre when our baby was born. Thankfully Katie persuaded them but this just goes to show there is still a long way to go to educate medical staff that they should accommodate surrogacy births as much as possible.

We have taken some time off together to enjoy our new baby boy and to support each other with this sudden change in our lives. It's been tough, but I'm sure all new parents can sympathise. So here we are at the end of this journey with what we've always wanted, to be parents. It's been a hard 6 years to get here, but he's been worth it. Here's to the next part of our journey.

We can't close this blog without saying a huge thank you to Katie, without your help we wouldn't be parents.

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