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Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction​

    1. It is important therefore that we properly manage our website activities.

    2. This policy sets out our procedures for managing our website, including:

      • who is responsible for managing our website;

      • content management;

      • website security and data protection;

      • permitted and prohibited use;

      • linking;

      • accessibility;

      • client confidentiality.

  2. Our website

    1. is a powerful means of communicating with clients and prospective clients.

    2. It is an important expression of our brand.

  3. Responsibility

    1. The Directors have overall responsibility for managing our website.

    2. They are responsible for:

      • approving and monitoring content;

      • ensuring the website complies with legal and regulatory requirements;

      • overseeing linking arrangements;

      • maintaining the website terms and conditions and privacy policy;

      • conducting an annual review of this policy to ensure it is in effective operation.

  4. Content management

    1. We will only publish on our website content that it appropriate for publishing in any other medium.

    2. Website content must be clear, unambiguous, up-to-date and relevant to our business and services.

    3. We will comply with any requirements issued by the SRA or other relevant regulator regarding price and service transparency.

    4. No content will be added to the website without the approval of the Directors.

    5. Content must be submitted to the Directors with a Website content approval form (see Appendix 1).

    6. The Directors will only approve and upload content to the website if the content:

      • is grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes;

      • has been reviewed by another member of staff, preferably from the same department as the author;

      • is accurate and up-to-date;

      • does not include any breach of copyright or other intellectual property rights;

      • does not breach client confidentiality (see Client confidentiality below);

      • is not discriminatory;

      • conforms to house style.

    7. The Directors will maintain a log of all website content.

  5. Website security and data protection

    1. We have the following procedures for managing the security of our website:

      • Two Factor Authentication for admin login

      • Password Managers for all admin logins, including additional Two Factor Authentication;

      • All changes must be approved by both Directors

    2. To comply with relevant legislation on the use of personal data, including the UK General Data Protection Regulation, we adhere to a strict Privacy policy.

    3. The Directors are responsible for maintaining the Privacy policy, ensuring it remains compatible with the legislative requirements and is fit for purpose.

    4. If you suspect the Privacy policy has been breached you must report this—see Reporting breaches below.

  6. Permitted and prohibited use

    1. We maintain detailed terms and conditions for use of our website.

    2. These apply equally to all users, both externally and internally, including staff.

    3. The Directors are responsible for maintaining the Website terms and conditions.

    4. If you suspect the Website terms and conditions have been breached you must report this—see Reporting breaches below.

  7. Linking to third party websites

    1. We are not responsible for the content of third party websites to which we link but we must ensure any links are:

      • relevant and appropriate;

      • operating effectively; and

      • where appropriate, reciprocated.

    2. The Directors will oversee all linking arrangements.

  8. Accessibility

    1. We are committed to ensuring our website is accessible to all visitors.

    2. We do this through:

      • enabling text to be scaled, i.e. made larger or smaller;

      • including text versions for audio content;

      • the use of cascading style sheets;

    3. Our website includes an accessibility statement which gives an overview of the accessibility features implemented on our website to assist any website visitors who have a disability, impairment or might otherwise find the standard features difficult to use.

    4. If you wish to make any suggestions on how we can improve the accessibility of our website, please contact the Directors.

  9. Client confidentiality

    1. We must not breach our duty of confidentiality to our clients through our website.

    2. Staff should be aware that this can be done inadvertently through our content, e.g. you are writing content about a particular area of law and you include something that is clearly based on your own experience. Depending on how much information you have given, it may be easy to infer that you act or have acted for a particular client on the issue. Be aware that by displaying your expertise, you may inadvertently disclose that you have acted for a particular client or in a particular case.

    3. If you are in any doubt you must contact the Directors.

  10. Reporting breaches

    1. All members of staff have an obligation to report actual or potential compliance breaches. This allows us to:

      • investigate the breach and take remedial steps if necessary;

      • maintain a register of compliance breaches;

      • notify the SRA of any compliance breaches that are serious either in their own right or as part of a pattern of breaches.

    2. Please refer to our Breach reporting for our reporting procedure.

  11. Consequences of breaching this policy

    1. We consider this policy to be extremely important. Failure to comply puts both you and the firm at risk.

    2. If you breach the policy, you may be disciplined in accordance with our disciplinary procedure.

  12. Monitoring and review

    1. The Directors are responsible for this policy.

    2. We regularly monitor the effectiveness of this policy to ensure it is working in practice and we will review and update this policy as and when necessary.

    3. We will review this policy regularly—at least annually. We will provide information and/or training on any changes we make.

  13. Training

All staff will receive appropriate training on our Website management policy, including:

  • regular training for existing staff;

  • training for new staff at induction;

  • updates following any changes to the policy that affect staff.

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