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Whether you're an individual looking to protect your loved ones with a Will or looking for help with Surrogacy Law Advice, the team at Calon Law can help you.

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Here at Calon Law we can help in many ways, whether that is helping to protect you and your family, or with Surrogacy Law Advice. We are a Law Firm near Cardiff, South Wales but can help anyone in England and Wales in the following ways

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LPAs and Trusts

Should you become unable to make your own decisions in the future, ensure someone you trust can on your behalf

Same sex male couple with their Son


Not all families are made equally, it can be a rough journey to get there. Let us help you along the way

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Wills & Probate

In the event of your death ensure your children, money, property and assets are executed how you choose.

Meet The Team

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Director of Legal Services

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Director of Technology

"What an amazing team. Charlene was so knowledgeable and put my mind at ease. Highly recommended"

R Cole

Your experience with Calon Law

Your personal Solicitor advising clients

Your personal Solicitor

Your dedicated personal solicitor will bring years of experience to help you with your needs. We pride ourselves in developing long term and trusting relationships with our clients


Solicitors with Empathy

"Calon" is Welsh for heart, and that's what we're all about. We are more than just another solicitors. We will listen to your needs and advise you with compassion and understanding.

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Family Planning

We understand not all families are made equally. We have personal experience in fertility journeys at Calon Law so we can understand the emotions and difficulties involved. Let us take you by the hand and help you through this time.

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Let us help you in the difficult times ahead

Dealing with legal protection for you and your family, or Surrogacy Law, is never easy. We understand this better than most. We are here to listen to how we can help you navigate through the legal jargon and offer our support