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Calon Law sponsors Caerphilly's Little Cheese festival

Here at Calon Law we are lifelong Caerphilly residents, and are proud of our little town with big heritage. Did you know we have the second largest castle in the UK, Windsor being the only castle bigger, and perhaps more famous? The castle also has a tower that leans at a steeper angle than the Leaning tower of Pisa! We are also world famous for our Caerphilly Cheese, though for many years now it has been made outside of Caerphilly due to EU regulations. It's a beautiful mature cheddar with a particularly tangy taste. Give it a try!

Many years ago a race was run by local schoolchildren to roll a cheese wheel to the end. Our Director Stephen even took part in a race when he was in St Martins School! Sadly he didn't win but it was great fun. This cheese wheel race inspired the first Big Cheese festival in 1998.

Over the next few years the festival went from strength to strength and was a wonderful weekend of fun and excitement for all ages. During the Covid pandemic the festival had to shut down and in due course it came back as The Little Cheese.

We at Calon Law are so proud of our heritage and it is important to us to support our local community. We decided it was only right for us to sponsor and promote Caerphilly's Little Cheese to encourage visitors to the area, and to promote local suppliers.

During the pandemic we all learned the importance of our local community. So let's keep that support going and #BuyLocal

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