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Fertility Treatment Bill

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Bit of news for those going through #ivf @fertilitymattersatwork and Nickie Aitken MP are working on employment rights for those going through IVF and time off work for appointments.

Medicinal sharps box, medication and syringes involved in IVF

How have you struggled with IVF and work?

IVF can involve a lot of scans at specific times whilst you are going through a treatment cycle to monitor how the drugs are working, whether the clinic needs to alter the dose of the medication and whether you have any side effects. A treatment cycle can last for three or four weeks and it can be difficult both physically and emotionally. It can be crucial to have support from a good employer at this time.

What does IVF treatment involve?

Your fertility clinic will work with you to put in place a personal treatment cycle that may vary from person to person. They can take various tests at the start of treatment to determine your fertility levels and they will then prescribe any medication accordingly. Some drugs are in tablet form and some involve daily injections. Some of the medications need to be kept cold in the fridge, so that can already create some practical issues in your place of work. Most medications also need to be taken at the same time each day and the trigger shot must always be taken at a certain time. This can cause some timing problems if you work shifts. Most of the injections are given in the abdomen area and it's very important to keep all the equipment sterile. The clinic will advise you when the egg retrieval and the embryo transfer must take place. These dates cannot be moved, as it is a crucial part of the process that everything is timed very carefully. The egg retrieval process takes place in a clinic theatre, usually under sedation and the embryo transfer also takes place in a clinic theatre. Some people experience side effects after the egg retrieval procedure and may require time off work.

TV coverage

Nickie is filming with Channel 4 for its #politcalslot highlighting the Private Member’s Bill to secure enhanced employment rights for women and their partners undertaking #ivf treatment in U.K. Her film will be aired in a couple of weeks.

Support the law change

In the UK Parliament this week the Fertility Treatment Employment Rights Bill was discussed. You can support this Bill by writing to your local MP. The second reading for the Bill is due in November 2022. This Bill is so important to change support for families struggling with IVF in the workplace.

Find out more about the campaign and show your support at:

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