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Fertility treatment add-ons with limited evidence

For some time fertility clinics have been offering so called "add-ons" to treatment to patients in an effort to help improve the chance of a positive pregnancy test. The journey is a very stressful process and with each cycle being prohibitively expensive many patients will do anything, or pay anything, to improve their chances of having a child. However if a patient wanted more information as to which add-on is most effective, there was no way to find out.

As such the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority began to look further into these add-ons. Yesterday the HFEA released a clear traffic light system to indicate the efficacy of any add-ons and allowing patients to make better informed decisions on which add-ons are effective.

More detailed explanations can be found on the HFEA website:

We here at Calon Law understand well how stressful the journey can be, and how desperate we all feel about increasing our already slim chances. We applaud the HFEA for releasing such a simple explanation for add-ons and we sincerely hope clinics will implement this system as soon as possible to make it clear to patients which add-on is best for them

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