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First womb donation in the UK brings hope to thousands

This week a woman in the UK donated her womb to her younger sister who suffers from Type 1 Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser, or MRKH for short. This is a condition where the uterus is absent or underdeveloped, but has functioning ovaries. Previously the only option for starting a family was surrogacy. As members of Surrogacy UK, and parents through surrogacy, our directors know many people with this condition. To have the possibility of a womb being transplanted and allowing the future of a pregnancy is ground-breaking, and exciting.

In the article it is pointed out that there are "...more than 15,000 women of child-bearing age in this country who have Absolute Uterine Factor Infertility. They were either born without a womb or have had a hysterectomy due to cancer or other abnormalities of the womb."

Now the future for those women holds the possibility of a transfer that will allow them the chance of carrying their own children to term.

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