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Leicestershire mum campaigns for workplace fertility rights

It's excellent to see the news about fertility rights in the workplace and the great work being carried out by Becky Kearns and fertilitymattersatwork It is so hard to go through IVF, it's gruelling and it can be made so much easier if you have the help and support of your workplace.

Nickie Aiken MP is bringing a bill before parliament asking for paid leave for employees during IVF. How will it be welcomed by employers? There are those that will embrace it 100% and those that will fight it trying to get every last drop from their workforce. Would you confide in your employer if you were having IVF treatment?

We at Calon Law, being surrogacy lawyers, understand more than most how difficult it can be as we are currently going through surrogacy and IVF ourselves. More and more employers are beginning to understand that if you treat your employees with compassion and respect at some of their most difficult times, they are more likely to remain loyal to the business in return, and perform at their best.

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