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Mental Health Awareness Week - Charlene

To highlight Mental Awareness Week we have a blog from each of our company directors.

Here is Charlene's story

This is where I was a year ago, in the middle of IVF treatment and surrogacy. Little did we know that we were a month away from a positive surrogate pregnancy test. So many things to think about to try to make it work;

  • Should I do another IVF cycle to create more embryos?

  • Why didn't our last egg collection work?

  • Was surrogacy going to work for us?

  • How long would it take?

  • We were both getting older and were conscious of being older parents?

  • How could we properly support our surrogate?

  • Could we be there in clinic for embryo transfer?

  • What could we do to improve our chances of a successful cycle?

  • I cut out alcohol for months to improve my egg quality

It was a roller coaster of emotions. Any fertility treatment is such a struggle and it's so important to do what you can to reduce anxiety;

  • Spend time outside, go for walks

  • Keep in touch with family and friends

  • Keep a journal of your feelings each day

  • Do some exercise, and keep fit

  • Continue your life outside IVF treatment

Wishing you all the best if you're having treatment and are struggling.

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