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National Fertility Awareness Week 2023 - 30 Oct to 5 Nov

There are 3.5 million people in the UK currently going through various forms of fertility issues. That's 1 in 6 people. So it's likely someone you know is either going through, or has been through, some challenge having a child. It's something we don't talk about, as it can be a very sensitive subject.

Fertility Network UK is this year celebrating 20 years and is hosting a number of interesting and important topics on Instagram throughout the week. Their theme this year is #Forward4Fertility which looks to understand what we all need to change for the future. That can be more support, more information and working together to create a better and more equitable fertility future.

We at Calon Law have had personal experience of fertility issues. Our Directors, Charlene and Stephen, this year welcomed their first child, Brandon. Charlene received chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment at a very young age leaving her with a lifelong heart condition, and thus unable to carry a baby to term safely. So we pursued a surrogacy journey, which is time consuming, expensive and exhausting. After 7 years, 4 rounds of IVF, 3 transfers, 4 surrogates the lovely Katie helped to carry our child and bring him into the world. It's fair to say he has rocked our world, we are smitten, but we will never forget what it took to get here. Patience, resilience, tears but most of all a LOT of support. This is especially from the Surrogacy UK community. Without whom we would have given up long ago. Infertility can be a lonely process. We don't talk to friends and family, it can be upsetting. So we go through it together as a couple (or as an individual) alone. The Surrogacy UK community however understand the emotions involved, they are going through it to. It normalises the process, and makes it such a positive experience. We have made lifelong friends at SUK. You all rock!

We support any change in the future that makes the fertility journey less difficult and applaud the Fertility Network UK's hard work to achieve this

We at Calon Law can help with the Wills you'll need to create as part of a fertility journey, You won't need to explain the need, process or law to us. We get it, as we lived it.

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