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National Surrogacy Week - Charlene Ash Nominated!

Our Director of Legal Services Charlene is over the moon to have been nominated for Surrogacy Professional of the Year 2023 at the National Surrogacy Awards. This is a huge deal for us at Calon Law, and of course Charlene, to be recognised nationally for her determination and hard work helping those in a surrogacy journey.

Here at Calon Law we are only a small surrogacy solicitors but we knew we could make a difference. With Charlene's experience drafting Wills, her incredible empathy for customers and most importantly our personal experience of a surrogacy journey, we knew we could help. We not only can chat to our customers about the legal ramifications of a surrogacy journey but we can completely understand how hard the journey itself is. It takes its toll that's for certain. We at Calon Law can be a friendly ear to chat with. Got a question about surrogacy? Maybe Parental Orders? Or of course Wills with a Surrogacy clause? We've got you covered. We get it. We've been there.

This week, from 1st to 7th Aug, is National Surrogacy Week to celebrate the surrogacy cause, and it is so heart-warming to read the stories of our friends. Surrogacy UK is our community for life and we have met so many lovely people through our personal surrogacy journey.

The 1st of August was also a very special day as it was our sons 6 month birthday! Happy Birthday little man. We would not be here celebrating this beautiful day without Surrogacy and the kindness of our surrogate, Katie.

Please vote today to support the surrogacy cause, and to support Charlene.

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