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Calon Law sponsors the first Caerphilly Pride event

For the whole month of June the country, and wider world, celebrates Pride Month. As a part of this celebration cities and towns around the country are beginning to host their own Pride days, and on the 24th June 2023 it was the inaugural Pride Caerfilli, our home town.

Here at Calon Law we are passionate believers in the equal right for everyone to start a family so we were keen to do our part for such a wonderful event. As a business we were thrilled to be one of the main sponsors of the event to show our support. As specialists in surrogacy law we are especially involved in helping same sex couples navigating the legal side of a surrogacy journey.

As for the day itself our owners and directors, Charlene and Stephen, took part in the Pride parade from St Martins School down to the Twyn Car Park and stayed for most of the day to enjoy the celebrations. It was our little baby's first pride and we will be keen for him to take part every year. We feel it is vital for our son to understand what Pride is.

We had a wonderful day and we wanted to thank the organisers for such a great first Pride. We look forward to taking part next year. Here are just some of the photos of such a wonderful day.

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