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Why is empathy important for Lawyers?

The Law Society Gazette recently highlighted research from The Legal Services Board that found vulnerable clients' problems can be made worse because of lawyers acting in a ‘cold, clinical or chaotic’ manner.

They also found that some lawyers failed to set and manage expectations, used technical terms and jargon, and showed a lack of empathy and compassion. This was particularly prevalent where clients had experienced traumatic issues. The research echoed existing evidence that people are inherently vulnerable when they approach a lawyer, and that working with legal professionals is particularly hard for those in certain situations.

We understand that it can be difficult to approach a lawyer, that we can appear intimidating, and the importance of empathy and understanding. We believe that it is a crucial skill for all lawyers. We are friendly and approachable and easy to talk with. We want to make this process easier for you not more difficult.

We don't use legal jargon, you can choose how we communicate with you and the best times of day for us to contact you.

We are also accredited Solicitors for the Elderly, which means that we have a higher level of expertise and we have more experience and care with vulnerable clients, see

Our Clients have provided lovely feedback about us. Check out our 5 star reviews at

"The service I had was personal and very comprehensive

I would, and already have recommended Calon Law to my friends stating that this was the best experience I have had when dealing with a solicitor"

"Really great firm. Charlene was very helpful and professional. The communication was amazing, every was done with clear and professional explanations. My Will had a clause in it that I was worried I would not be able explain, Charlene knew exactly what to write and took those worries away.

I would very much recommend."

Please pick up the phone and give us a call or send us an email on

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