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SurrogacyUK Conference 2023

What an amazing weekend last week at the #surrogacyuk conference. It was so good to be able to share information with people about #surrogacylaw and our personal #surrogacyjourney

It has been a six year journey for us with many ups and downs and we want to use our experience to help others. This was our first conference since our little baby boy was born in February through #surrogacy and he loved meeting our surrogacy friends and other #surrobaby friends. It is so important to us that he understands his surrogacy roots as he grows up and we see our surrogate and special friend regularly.

Thank you to SUK for all your help and support and a special thank you to our surrogate.

Contact us if you have any questions on surrogacy law. We hope to help you with your personal journey having been through a surrogacy journey ourselves

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